Electricity Pricing Strategies

Traditional Electricity Procurement Options

Fixed Price Electricity Contracts

A fixed price typically refers to a “Fixed All-In” agreement but a fixed procurement strategy can include (or pass through) any or all of these components: capacity, transmission, ancillaries and losses. These elements may also be “hedged” for a premium. The benefits of a "Fixed All-In" price includes price certainty and simplicity but procuring a "Fixed All-In" price is gambling on whether today is the best day to contract. "Fixed All-In" prices also include little to no flexibility and you will pay premiums for load shaping, load following and forward risk assumed by the supplier.

A “Fixed All-In” price does not always mean that ALL components are fixed! If a Fixed All-In strategy is the best strategy for your company, Aspen Energy will ensure the supplier of choice has clearly listed on your contract what exactly is included in the "Fixed All-In" and what is “floating”. Without this consultation from Aspen Energy, it is difficult to determine a true apples to apples comparison between quotes.

Fixed Pricing Options:

  • Fixed with Pass Throughs
  • Fixed - Full Requirements
  • Fixed - Energy Only
  • Fixed with 10% - 100% Bandwidth

Index Price Electricity

A Variable Price typically refers to a 100% indexed agreement but as with Fixed Pricing, components of capacity, transmission, ancillaries and losses are included in a fixed adder to lock in these costs while the price of energy floats on the market. The benefits of using a variable price agreement includes little to no premiums for load shaping, load following or forward risk and you will benefit from a lower energy cost. The Variable Rate client bears the full risk of market volatility. For this reason, determining the best strategy for your company when deciding on an indexed agreement is extremely important. Aspen Energy will help you decide on whether to secure an agreement tied to the Day Ahead or Real Time Index LMP and which adders should be included or passed through based on your ability to manage and shift load.

Index Pricing Options

  • Full Index
  • Index with Adders
  • Index with Cap
  • Index with Trigger

*Aspen Energy also offer Blended Energy Procurement Options. Click here to learn more about Block & Index Pricing.

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