Natural Gas Pricing Strategies

Natural Gas Procurement Options and Strategies

Fixed Natural Gas Pricing Contracts

If you have been involved in natural gas procurement recently, you realize it is a volatile commodity in an ever-changing marketplace. A Fixed Full Requirements Agreement may eliminate this frustration; but, doing so without proper consultation can expose you to undue risks. Will you sign the most suitable agreement? Are you confident today is the best time of the year to buy? Furthermore, do you know if you need 100% swing or will choosing 10% swing adequately cover your natural gas needs and save you additional money? Understanding the different options available to you when fixing in your natural gas price is crucial. Aspen Energy has a proven track record consulting clients in Natural Gas procurement since the inception of energy deregulation.

We conduct a complimentary load profile analysis to determine your best rate class (i.e. Choice, GTS, LGTS, etc…). This process frequently reveals other unique opportunities for driving down energy costs through seasonal or quarterly fixed programs. Once a solid procurement strategy and appropriate rate class have been determined, Aspen Energy will recommend the most aggressive of its energy suppliers to meet your natural gas needs.

Fixed Pricing Options:

  • Fixed Full Requirement for Choice Accounts
  • Fixed Full Requirement for GTS Accounts
  • Fixed with 10%-100% swing
  • Seasonal Fixed
  • Quarterly Fixed

Variable Natural Gas Pricing Contracts

As mentioned above, the natural gas market is volatile and ever changing. Aspen’s Energy Experts consult over 14,000 clients on procurement strategies and many take advantage of a variable based strategy to minimize their utility costs. By entering in to a variable (or floating) natural gas agreement, you can eliminate premiums paid for swing and shrinkage. Aspen Energy offers variable programs with a cap or trigger to always give you the option to "fix in" when the market presents an advantage.

Variable Pricing Options:

  • Full Variable
  • Variable with Triggers
  • Variable with Cap
  • NYMEX +
  • Quarterly Variable

*Aspen Energy also offers Blended Energy Procurement Options. Click here to learn more about Block & Index Pricing.

To learn more about these energy procurement strategies or our Professionally Managed Energy Programs, contact us today at (800) 926-0046.

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