Power Pools and Municipality Aggregations

Pooling Businesses or Municipalities together to decrease energy rates!

Power Pools

Power Pools are two or more legal entities without common ownership, who are placed together based on similar load and size so as to be managed under a single energy account by Aspen Energy. The benefits of this strategy allow businesses who do not have significant energy load to pool together and create buying power to shop the wholesale market which is typically reserved for larger customers. Businesses placed in a pool receive additional training and consultation from Aspen Energy to maximize their buying power to significantly reduce their energy costs through a managed program.

Municipality Aggregations

Aspen Energy also works with many villages, cities and municipalities to pool their residential and commercial loads together to provide buying power. In these situations, Aspen Energy will team with the local governing officials to educate the community, write the aggregation proposal to be placed on a ballot of choice and assist in obtaining the aggregation certification upon voter approval. Many of the aggregation programs Aspen offers include no cancellation fees to ensure resident always have a choice in their energy needs should they choose to opt out of the program.

To determine if these strategies are best for your business or to learn more about our Professionally Managed Energy Programs, contact us today at (800) 926-0046.

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