Why Choose Aspen?

Individualized Energy Procurement for Every Business

The Power of Working with a True Energy Consultant

Energy Consultant vs. Energy Broker

Many energy brokers are only able to offer you fixed rates from a single supplier. Once you sign, they disappear until near expiration. At Aspen Energy, we represent several energy suppliers and we only employ Energy Consultants. What’s the difference? Our consultants work for you before, during and long after your energy agreements are in place. They will provide you with multiple procurement options from multiple suppliers to ensure the most appropriate energy plan at the best possible rate. Earning your continued business is not only a goal; it’s a core value. That is why we provide unlimited consulting services for the duration of your energy contracts. Aspen Energy’s services are ongoing, relevant, and a significant value to our clients. Our customers have rewarded us with a 92% retention rate!

Established in 2000, Aspen Energy is one of the Midwest’s most experienced Energy Consulting Firms and employs over 40 Energy Experts. Aspen has energy procurement agreements with 16 different energy suppliers, ensuring you the most competitive prices.

We will obtain competitive pricing offers from several suppliers for you. In addition, our services includes:

  • Compare contract terms and conditions between multiple suppliers
  • Perform energy audits
  • Educate your team on how to mitigate capacity costs
  • Provide education and consulting services

Call us today at (800) 926-0046 to learn how we can create an individualized energy procurement program for your company.

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